События и свадьбы

Самое прекрасное, что может сохранить человек, это воспоминания с дорогими людьми.

Организуйте семейные торжества (дни рождения, крестины, конфирмации, причастия), деловые приемы, свадьбы, важные моменты в отеле Premanturi Resort. Бронируйте желаемую дату как можно скорее. По всем вопросам и информации обращайтесь к нам по электронной почте или по телефону.


Dear guests!

Let your long and happy journey together begin with the first steps on beautiful terrace of Premantura Resort. In the romantic surroundings of the Mediterranean flora, allow us to create wonderful memories for you and your guests. It will be our immense pleasure to fulfill all your wishes and turn your wedding into a indelible fireworks display of memories. Our Resort is hidden in a relaxing setting, like a hidden pearl, yet recognizable and well-known, in the arms of the Premantura Peninsula. With our luxurious design, appropriate arrangment and concept, we offer various possibilities for holding wedding ceremonies. Elegant, beautiful and refined, it will surely adorn the description of your wedding, because not only the beautiful ambience, but also the atmosphere of the hotel, top service, and especially the delicacies of our chefs will make your day special.

For all inquiries regarding wedding organization, contact our manager Adriana at +385 98 998 8666