The place you’d rather be

The hotel is located in Premantura, 10 km from Pula and 40 km from Rovinj. It is a small village in Istria, on the southernmost tip Istrian Peninsula, just south of the city of Pula.
A short distance from Premantura is Cape Kamenjak.

This gorgeous, entirely uninhabited cape has lovely rolling hills, wild flowers (including 30 species of orchid), low Mediterranean shrubs, fruit trees and medicinal herbs, and around
30km of beaches and rugged swimming spots. It’s crisscrossed with a maze of gravel roads and paths, making it easy to get around on foot or by bike.

Kamenjak rugged coastline, consist of numerous bay and various beaches forming an area of exceptional natural beauty including 11 unhabitated islands. The west coast of Kamenjak is
stepper and its northern part partly encloses the Medulin Bay. The coast of the Kamenjak peninsula is incredibly rugged and offers many places to swim, high water jump, etc. Some places are available only from the sea. When you get tired of swimming, you can stay in one of the many beach bars situated on Kamenjak.

Cape Kamenjak is almost completely surrounded by sea so its climate has the features of an island. Kamenjak has 2300 sunshine hours per year or an average of 6.5 hours a day.